Frequently Asked Questions

General questions is an online marketplace that facilitates the secure and automated personal exchange market for unused e-gift cards and e-vouchers. By listing your gift cards and vouchers for sale on CardPEM, you can receive up to 23% more value compared to other gift card exchanges.

To access the CardPEM website, you can simply type  into your web browser’s address bar. Alternatively, you can perform a Google search for “CardPEM,” and you will find the CardPEM webpage listed at the top of the search results. From there, you can navigate through various pages such as the homepage, registration page, About Us page, and more. ensures secure transactions between buyers and sellers through its automated escrow-like process. When a buyer purchases a gift card or voucher, the payment is held securely in escrow by the Stripe Connect account while the seller’s gift card or voucher details are automatically delivered to the buyer email.

After the buyer confirms the receipt and balance of the gift card or voucher, the payment is released to the seller. This process guarantees that both parties are protected from fraud and that buyers receive the gift card or voucher they paid for, while sellers are paid securely for their sale. Unlike other platforms, provides an extra layer of security for both parties, making all transactions transparent and secure. is different from other gift card secondary markets in several ways:

1. Safe Transactions: provides a safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers to transact. Transactions are protected by Stripe, a leading payment processor, and sellers receive their payments directly to their bank accounts or bank cards.

2. Verification of Sellers: verifies all sellers before they can list their gift cards and vouchers on the platform. This ensures that buyers can trust the quality and validity of the gift cards they purchase.

3. Low Fees for Sellers: charges low fees to sellers only when their gift cards or vouchers are sold. This helps sellers maximize their profits and reduces the risk of selling unwanted or unused gift cards.

4. Consolidated Platform: provides a consolidated platform where buyers and sellers of gift cards and vouchers can transact without needing to navigate multiple websites.

5. No Fees for Buyers:  does not charge any fees to buyers. This means that buyers can get gift cards and vouchers at the face value without having to pay any extra fees.

To create a user account on, click on the “Register” button located at the top right-hand corner of the website. The registration process is free, and you will be required to provide your name, email address, mobile phone number, and country of residence.

Individuals who are at least 18 years old and are residents of the United Kingdom or the United States can register for free to buy or sell gift cards or vouchers.

Sellers are required to create an account to receive payment for their sales, while buyers can purchase gift cards or vouchers without creating an account.

Our platform only accepts e-gift cards and e-vouchers with the correct cash value. Currently, we only encourage the listing of brands in the U.K. and U.S. regions for sale.

From CardPEM’s homepage, you can easily browse through all the listed gift cards and vouchers for sale. You can also use the gift card categories and brand location search on the homepage to quickly find your preferred type of gift card or voucher to purchase.

In the event of a dispute between a buyer and seller on CardPEM, the resolution process may take up to 28 business days. The steps to resolve disputes are clearly outlined in section 13.5 “Dispute Resolution between Users” of CardPEM’s terms and conditions. For more information on the dispute resolution procedure, please click the hyperlink above.

The duration it takes for the withdrawn funds to be deposited into your bank account or bank card depends on several factors such as your location and your bank’s deposit confirmation schedule. Stripe payout speed usually ranges between 1 to 3 business days, with variations depending on whether you reside in the UK or US.

If the buyer wins a dispute, the refund will be credited to the payment card used to make the purchase or transferred to the winner’s bank account if they are the seller. However, please note that the refund amount may exclude the platform fees and other associated costs incurred from the dispute resolution process, depending on the outcome of the dispute resolution process.

 The procedure to resolve disputes and refund processes for buyers is clearly laid out in CardPEM user’s terms and conditions section 13.5 Dispute Resolution between Users. Please click the hyperlink above for more information.

Seller questions

Listing your unused gift cards and vouchers for sale on CardPEM is a breeze. To start, register a free user account or log in to an existing one. From your CardPEM user account dashboard, click “Sell” If it’s your first time posting an ad, you’ll need to create a Stripe-connected account to verify your identity and provide bank account details for payment.

Once connected, return to the dashboard, and complete the form to list your gift card or voucher for sale. Before clicking “Sell” make sure all details are accurate and in compliance with CardPEM’s terms and conditions.

1.      The gift card pin
2.      Screenshot of the gift card QR code OR Bar Code
3.      For e-gift cards the original URL link
4.      The photo or screenshot of the gift card purchase receipt OR evidence of the gift card balance from the original merchandise website.

Yes, currently there are no charges associated with posting or listing gift cards and vouchers for sale on the website. offers a low consolidated platform service fee and payment fee only after your e-gift cards or e-vouchers have been sold. The commission fee structure is as follows:

a. For the sale of gift cards or vouchers that are equal to or less than £50 or $50, a commission of 7% plus £0.37 or $0.37 will be charged.

b. For the sale of gift cards or vouchers that are greater than £50 or $50 and are equal to or less than £100 or $100, a commission of 6% plus £1.19 or $1.19 will be charged.

c. For the sale of gift cards or vouchers that are greater than £100 or $100, a commission of 5% plus £3.99 or $3.99 will be charged.

During the onboarding process of your connected account with CardPEM, you should select “Digital Products” as the industry and “Retail” as the sub-industry. This is because currently, CardPEM’s platform is designed to facilitate the safe sale of unused e-gift cards and e-vouchers. does not provide any specific guidance on what discount you should set when posting an ad for your unused gift cards or vouchers. However, you may find it useful to research similar gift cards and their prices to help you decide on a competitive discount.

For instance, if you want to sell a £20 gift card to Caffè Nero or Starbucks and you notice that comparable gift cards are being sold for £17.5, you could consider listing yours at a slightly lower price of £16 to make it more appealing. Alternatively, if you have more time or can’t find similar gift cards for sale, you may choose to set a lower discount.

Upon confirmation of a buyer’s payment, you will receive an email with the subject “ sale confirmation”, and your listed gift card or voucher will be removed from the display webpage but can be seen as a sold item on your ‘my card’ at your CARDPEM account dashboard.

On, it typically takes about 7 days for the proceeds from a validated purchase to become available for withdrawal from your user account’s finance and transfer to your bank account. During this time, you will see the funds in the “pending transfer” status in your finances. This waiting period is necessary to allow for the settlement of the funds in our Stripe account.

Withdrawing the proceeds from the sale of your unused gift cards or vouchers on is a straightforward and speedy process. Once the buyer has successfully validated the purchase of your item, and the funds have been released to your user finances, you will receive an email notification informing you that the money is available for withdrawal to your bank account.

To withdraw the funds, log in to your CardPEM user account, on your user’s dashboard, and click on ‘finances’. From there, click the ‘withdraw’ button, and the entire amount in your ‘finances’ will be instantly transferred to your bank account or bank card. You can then use the funds as you wish.

When you see the “pending transfer” status for a fund in your CardPEM account, it indicates that the payment from the sale of your gift cards or vouchers has been verified by the buyer. However, it may take a few days for the funds to fully settle in our Stripe Connect account before they are available for transfer or withdrawal.

Once the funds have been successfully settled in our Stripe Connect account, they will be automatically transferred to your available balance. You will also receive an email notification informing you that your funds are now available for withdrawal.

To comply with “Know Your Customer” (or KYC) regulations, which require organizations that send funds to individuals or businesses to verify their identity, we require United sellers to provide their last four Social Security Numbers (SSN) during the onboarding process of their connected account with Stripe, our credit card payment processor.

Stripe attempts to verify your identity using the minimum requested information, including your legal name, date of birth (DOB), and last 4 digits of your SSN. For more information about our payment processor, Stripe, please refer to this here.

Stripe may request your full Social Security Number as a United States seller if the last 4 digits of your SSN that you provided during the initial stage of onboarding your connected account cannot be verified. This is necessary to ensure that you can receive card payments or transfer funds to your bank account for your sales. This is also important because Stripe needs to ensure that the person holding the connected account is properly identified, and if the last 4 digits of the SSN cannot be verified, additional information may be required.

If the person who holds the connected account cannot be verified or does not have a full Social Security Number, Stripe may require additional information such as a scan of an ID document. This is necessary to enable card payments, and the connected account holder can provide the verification (photo ID) through their Express account Dashboard.

Cardpem assures users that it does not have access to or view any seller information, including SSN, date of birth, bank account details, home address, etc. Stripe collects and encrypts all data, ensuring that it is securely protected. Stripe is known for its excellent reputation in data protection and payment security.

If you need to make changes to your bank details, email, or phone number after successfully verifying your Stripe Connected account, the process is simple. Just go to your CardPEM user dashboard and click on “my Stripe account.” This will immediately redirect you to your Express account, where you can conveniently update your bank account information, email address, phone number, and more.

Buyer questions

To purchase a gift card or voucher on, you can use the browser feature located in the top menu to view all the available gift cards and vouchers listed by various verified sellers.

Alternatively, you can use the search function to look for specific cards. Once you have found a card you want to buy, click on “view details” to review the seller’s description and price. If you are satisfied with the information, click on the “buy now” button to begin the purchase process.

No, buyers will not incur any charges when purchasing gift cards or vouchers on CardPEM’s innovative marketplace.

If you were unable to find a gift card or voucher to buy on CardPEM, it is possible that they have already been sold and removed from the display webpage. Alternatively, you can check back later as sellers frequently post new advertisements for gift cards or vouchers for sale.

You have various options to make a purchase on, as our payment system is integrated into Stripe for safe and efficient transactions. Stripe allows payments from over 30 countries and accepts various methods such as credit cards, debit cards (Visa, MasterCard,  American Express,  and Discover Discover), Google Pay, and Link among others.

Upon successfully completing your payment for a gift card or voucher listed on by a user, you will immediately receive the gift card in your email, which you provided during the payment process. The email will contain details for redeeming the gift card or voucher, such as the PIN, QR code, Bar Code, and screenshots, original URL, and a validation link.

It is important to validate your purchase by clicking the validation link provided in the email after you have confirmed that the gift card or voucher matches the seller’s description. This triggers our automated system to release the payment to the seller’s account.

You have up to 14 days from the day of purchase to validate any gift card or voucher purchased on, according to the site’s automated escrow-like system.

If you fail to validate your purchase within this time frame, the system will automatically release the money to the seller. To remind you of this, you will receive automated email and SMS reminders on the 7th and 12th day after purchase.