About Us

Welcome to Cardpem, your trusted destination for securely buying and selling e-gift cards and e-vouchers. At Cardpem, we take pride in providing a corporate platform that ensures the safety and protection of our valued users throughout every transaction.

With our secure escrow-like trading process, you can buy and sell unused gift cards and vouchers confidently and securely. Cardpem’s mission is simple — to create a straightforward and reliable gift card and voucher exchange platform for everyone.

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Add Value to Your Unused Gift Cards and Vouchers

You open up a world of possibilities when you sell unused gift cards and vouchers on Cardpem. Not only do you get immediate financial value, but you also free up space in your wallet and declutter your life.

Instead of holding onto gift cards you may never use, why not turn them into something tangible and meaningful? You might find someone who needs the gift card you have. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to add value to someone else’s life while benefiting from the value of your unused gift cards.

Secure Escrow-Like Trading Process

We believe in transparency and accountability, which is why our escrow-like process is at the core of our platform. When you buy or sell on Cardpem, your funds are held in a secure escrow account until the transaction is successfully completed.

As a buyer, you can be confident in our sophisticatedly secured personal exchange market. Similarly, as a seller, you can trust that you will receive timely payment for your digital assets.

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A Gift Card Exchange Platform Made for Your Peace of Mind

We understand the challenges and risks associated with online transactions, especially regarding digital assets. That’s why we have built a platform prioritising security and trust, allowing you to engage in seamless transactions with peace of mind.

Participate in the platform curated for a safe and comfortable resale of gift cards for buyers and users alike. Start reselling with like-minded individuals at Cardpem.com today.


Empowering individuals to unlock value from unused gift cards and vouchers, CardPEM is dedicated to providing a secure and innovative platform for personal exchange. We strive to transform the secondary market, ensuring a seamless, trustworthy, and rewarding experience for buyers and sellers alike. At CardPEM, our mission is to enhance financial flexibility, foster sustainability, and create a community-driven marketplace for the exchange of gift cards and vouchers.

Our Vision

Become the best global marketplace for digital products like gift cards and vouchers.